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  • SQF-Certified facility
  • 500k Gallons per day with further growth strategy
  • Cold fill technology and innovation pipeline
  • On-site bottle production
  • Packaging innovation
  • Technology expansion
  • Single Source Supply chain

From Idea-to-Market—or starting at any point in-between—we’re here for you with a team and facility that can deliver.

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Modern Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing systems monitor every aspect of the process, alerting us of any variations beyond the set parameters. Our fully integrated OEE and ERP systems allow us to record process specifications, test results and supply other quality-related information so you’re always aware of what makes up your beverage.

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Ingredients & Formulation

We validate each ingredient to ensure it meets the highest quality standards. And we verify that ingredients and quantities meet your recipe specifications prior to blending. Our advanced inventory control allows for full traceability of all ingredients.

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Our diversified equipment lines provide for a variety of single and multi-serve packaging formats. Automated equipment verifies container integrity and ensures each bottle is filled with the precise amount and properly sealed. We also visually check bottles as they move into labeling and packaging.

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Food Safety

Food safety is critical to your success—and ours. We follow strict cleaning and sanitation routines after each batch. Our clean-in-place (CIP) and sanitation procedures meet and exceed FDA requirements. They also fulfill the requirements for Kosher and Organic Certifications.

Meet the Facility

Here’s what you can expect from our facility.

We are located in western North Carolina and currently support a wide range of high capacity needs for brands and retailers nationwide. What we offer is a world of difference from the status quo in contract manufacturing today.

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  • Open space to handle large volumes of inbound and outbound freight
  • Cold-fill production lines—single and multi-serve—with flexible capacity
  • HTST Pasteurization
  • Onsite Water Silos
  • Onsite Refrigeration Silo
  • Extended shelf life capability
  • High-speed Fogg fillers with HEPA filtration
  • Onsite blow mold for HDPE
  • Shrink labeling
  • High-speed palletizers
  • Strategic freight advantages
See how we’re different

Meet the team that makes our facility especially different.

Kinley Martin

Kinley Martin

Julio Perez

Julio Perez

Jordan Olinger

Jordan Olinger

Scott Martin

Scott Martin

Santos Rivas

Santos Rivas

Lucas Bonilla

Lucas Bonilla

Shawn Watson

Shawn Watson

Our Team

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Buildings and technology are easy to buy and set up, but it’s the quality of the people inside our facility and the care they put into their work that makes Arcadia’s facility one-of-a-kind.

Meet our team
Jason Copley Director of Sales at Arcadia
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Have an idea? Our facility is ready to expand with you.

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We have available capacity on-site and the flexibility to invest in assets that support big dreams. Whether it be new construction or new technologies, we’re ready to support your future vision.

Jason Copley

Sustainability at Arcadia

Our business decisions continue to be guided by our values and our commitment to people—not by profits alone. We are committed to meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance. At our facility we’re making big progress with global initiatives to reduce waste and environmental impact.

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